The Animal Medical Center of Fort Oglethorpe

1673 Battlefield Parkway
Fort Oglethorpe, GA 30742



We have had many wonderful employees over the years.  And every year we have students  who work with us.  Some go to private school, some to public school, and some are schooled at home.  Some are on the payroll, some do it for school credit, and others serve on a voluntary basis.  But all must have a love for animals and enjoy the challenges of working in the world of a veterinary hospital.

An important addition to our staff are the special education students from Lakeview/Fort Oglethorpe High School.  These enthusistic workers are under the constant supervision of their teacher, Cathy Griffith.  Each weekday for 2 hours they perform important jobs including washing dishes, cleaning floors, folding laundry, and patient attention.  Everyone benefits from their presence and we welcome them back for the 10th year! 

In coordination with Chattanooga State University, the doctors and licensed technical staff of the Animal Medical Center participate in their Certified Veterinary Technician program.  As a licensed Veterinary Technician, these members of the veterinary staff perform many important duties in the hospital.  Nursing care, laboratory procedures, surgcal assistance, and anesthesia are important areas of expertise.   The students must work for 60 hours as part of their internship training.