The Animal Medical Center of Fort Oglethorpe

1673 Battlefield Parkway
Fort Oglethorpe, GA 30742



My name is Otto Von Bismarck.  My Mom is Dr. Schaffeld's sister.  I live in Eufaula, Alabama and love to chase anything on four legs!  My Mom says that I am just a playground bully, but the truth is, I just like my buddies to know who's boss; once there is an understanding, then I can be best friends with everyone.

In the old days, I used to be allowed to visit in Fort Oglethorpe and Chickamauga.  I was allowed to play with April and Pete.  I also had a great time chasing Melissa and Oscar.  But now, I'm not allowed to set paw inside the compound!  Oh no, not since Queen Delilah arrived on the premises!  She's so special there's no way they'd let me "at her". 

I spend my days on my Mom's 40 acres and the golf course - I love playing golf and watching the golfers shake with fear.  What a chuckle I get!  I also play with my kongs - they are great and my favorite toys!

Dr. Schaffeld is a great vet and he is so lucky that I'm part of his family.  I sometimes let him pet me and give me treats.  But mostly he teases me about the way I walk!  He doesn't understand that my German pedigree is far superior to any other pet in his family.

I really love my Georgia relatives.  I think I'll come for a visit whether I'm invited of not!