The Animal Medical Center of Fort Oglethorpe

1673 Battlefield Parkway
Fort Oglethorpe, GA 30742


Veterinary Assistants

Connie Fleming is a licensed veterinary technician.  She oversees quality control in the laboratory and assists in interpreting cytology slides, blood smears, and urinalyses.  Frequently assisting in surgery, she is a very skilled phlebotomist ("she can hit a vein") and is a valued member of our medical team.

Amanda Nation began working as a receptionist, moved to veterinary assistant to further her interest in working "directly with patients", and recently passed her state exam to become a licensed veterinary technician.  She has become very skilled in the art of medicating patients and performing laboratory tests.  Amanda can also help with basic questions asked by concerned pet owners and gives progress reports for hospitalized pets.


Jennifer Mount, a paramedic with 5 years experience, worked as a veterinary assistant for five more years while living in Florida.  She has moved back to North Georgia with her Corgi, Brynn and her Great Dane, Katie.  Her cats include a Cornish Rex named Affair, a Scottish Fold named Spanky, and a domestic shorthair named Brendon.